MYB Marine Services Established in 2004, ABU DHABI, U.A.E., providing specialized underwater services to civil engineering & construction contractors, ship owners, government departments and to the marine industries, throughout the Middle East.


Very experienced personnel over 15 years of underwater work head the team and we are available to service our clients round the clock globally.





MYB MARINE SERVICES has extensive experience in civil construction such as block placing, break water construction and maintenance, port repair and maintenance, jetty construction and maintenance, quay wall inspection and maintenance, sea bed survey, pile removal, debris clearance, underwater welding and cutting and dam repairing etc.


 MYB MARINE SERVICES is equipped to carry out a wide variety of underwater inspection, (NDT) Non Destructive Testing Sub-surface and surface, cleaning and maintenance works to all types of vessels both in Arabian Gulf waters and internationally.



UNDERWATER Drilling, Pile cutting

, Photography, Video Survey, Grinding

, Welding, Cleaning

MYB MARINE SERVICES in fulfilling its legal obligation and its responsibility to provide a place of employment which is free from recognized hazards has set forth this Statement of Policy reinforcing its commitment to maintaining a safe environment at the work site. This Statement of Policy is the cornerstone of the company's Safety Management System (S.M.S.).


It is the policy of MYB MARINE SERVICES underwater services that the conduct of its operations, to ensuring:


  • The safety and health of all personnel involved in its activities.
  • Damage to property and equipment is avoided.
  • Harm to environment from company activities is minimized.

It is the intention of MYB MARINE SERVICES management that no operation is so important that it cannot be carried out safely and with due care and attention to prevent damage to property and the environment. In carrying out this intention, the following principles should be applied:

  1. Accidents can be minimized by proper management, training of personnel and implementation of appropriate safety standards.
  2. Personnel should be educated and committed to maintaining high standards of HSE awareness.
  3. SE implementation is line management (supervisors) responsibility which emanates directly from Senior Management.
  4. Proper planning at the work site will prevent accidents to personnel, damage property and environment.
  5. Employees should actively participate in the establishment and continuation of HSE procedures.
  6. Employees need to be kept informed of conditions which may cause them harm.
  7. All personnel have an equal and continuous responsibility for maintaining HSE standards.
  8. Good operating practices will safeguard all employees and result in a more efficient operation.
  9. Equipment is fundamental to safe operations and should be maintained to company, class and industry standards.
  10. Commitment to Team Work.

This policy is communicated openly and at every opportunity to EVERYONE and has equal status with other primary business objectives.   This policy will be reviewed and updated annually.


Services List

  • Anode Retrofit
  • Blanking of Inlet for sea Chest Repair
  • Block Setting
  • Buoy Works
  • Call Outs for repair Works on Ships
  • Cleaning of Salt Water Intakes Grills
  • Cleaning of Sub Sea Debris
  • Concrete Repair Works
  • Underwater Maintenance , Seawater Dock Inspection and Maintenance for coastal Refineries Desalination Plants
  • Foundation Preperation
  • Marine Salvage
  • Non Destructive Testing (N.D.T)
  • Stern Tube and Rudder Clearance Measuring with Poker Gauge
  • Underwater Drilling and Pile cutting
  • Underwater Grinding
  • Underwater Cleaning
  • Underwater Grout Works
  • Underwater Inspection and survey of Vessels
  • Underwater interior cleaning of desalination pipe
  • Underwater Replacement of Concrete Jetty Blocks
  • Underwater Welding
  • Underwater Photography
  • Underwater Video Survey
  • Seabed Survey
  • Class Survey / CCTV Survey with Communication
  • Service, Maintenance and supply of all types of Diving Equipments
  • Underwater block placing and rock placing




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